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Typical VLJ Aircraft
Colley Aerospace consulted in the design, fabrication, and certification of several aircraft that fall within the Very Light Jet (VLJ) category.  We performed the airworthiness stress and buckling analysis on various composite and metallic components and subsystems.  Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and classical hand analysis techniques, we performed several airworthiness assessments on an aft pressure bulkhead, windshield, floorboard structure, flight control system components, one-piece co-cured wing, engine nacelle, seat support structure, and main landing gear.

In accordance with the requirements found in the Code of Federal Regulations – Title 14-Part 23, we performed the bird strike analysis on the windshield and associated attachment structure for various flight load conditions.  We conducted the engine rotor burst analysis, in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements, for the engine pylon, pylon center box, and other flight-critical systems.

To support the design, fabrication, and airworthiness processes, we performed complex nonlinear buckling and post-buckling assessments on the carbon-epoxy isogrid fuselage structure.  All of these assessments were documented to support the FAA Part 23 airworthiness certification process.

Carbon-Epoxy Isogrid Fuselage Analysis
(Flat Panel Non-Linear Buckling)
(Isogrid Panel Post-Buckling)
(Ideal Post-Buckling Load Curve)
One-Piece Co-Cure Wing Finite Element Model (Wing Linear Buckling Analysis)
Windshield Finite Element Model
Windshield Bird Strike Finite Element Model (Deformed Shape)
Composite Floorboard Structure Finite Element Model
AFT Pressure Bulkhead Finite Element Model (Buckling Analysis)
Main Landing Gear Finite Element Model (Linear Buckling Analysis)
Engine Nacelle Finite Element Model
Flight Control Systems Analysis (Adjustable Plate Stress Analysis)
(Bellcrank Stress Analysis)
(Pedal Arm Stress Analysis)
(Piano Hinge Buckling Analysis)
(Speed Brake Buckling Analysis)
Rotor Burst Analysis (Typical Rotor Burst Geometry)