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Expert Witness

Providing expert investigative services for our clients

We have participated in failure investigations for systems ranging from launch vehicles to simple lifting equipment components. Colley Aerospace has provided expert legal analysis for complex aerospace systems, and we have actively participated in mishap investigation teams to determine the root cause of flight hardware failures and the corrective actions needed to prevent reoccurrence.

If you require expert investigative and legal services in one of the areas listed below, please contact us to discuss your project and expert witness needs.

  • Legal Consulting
  • Independent Analysis and Evaluation
  • Mishap Investigation Board Participation
  • Failure Analysis and Investigation
  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis

Past Projects

Regional Jet Horizontal Stabilizer (HSTAB) Leading Edge (LE) Analysis

Past Projects

Helicopter Human External Cargo (HEC) and Non-Human External Cargo (NHEC) Applications

Past Projects

Ballistic Missile Defense System Targets and Reentry Vehicles